Our dominance in the agriculture market is unrivaled.

Our Service

AgroPy Ltd offers a full range of environmentally friendly (organic) pest control services that cover indoor and outdoor mosquito control, cockroach, ants, termite infestations, lizards, flies, snakes, wasp nets, and rodent management in accordance with standard pesticide guidelines. We operate a Quality Management System (QMS) which complies with the requirements of the standard RS ISO 9001: 2015. We have skilled, experienced pest control and fumigation staff designated for this role, and consistently exceed customers’ expectations.

We are dedicated to serving you and meeting client Insect and rodents Pest Control needs in the most efficient and effective way possible.


We’re Leader in Agriculture Market

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor pest removal services which include:

  • Vector control – mosquito control

  • Flea control

  • Fly control

  • Cockroach control

  • House treatments – ants / fleas / mosquitos

  • Insect and rodent removal

  • Rodent control

  • Ant control

  • Wasp control

  • Garden treatments – ants / fleas / mosquitos

  • Hotel treatments – ants / fleas / mosquitos