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Company Overview

General Manager, Agropy Ltd

AgroPy Ltd. is a growing manufacturing company where the basis of our business has been to use Rwanda based product development to address local challenges. We are focussed on offering quality products and our commitment to our market is that we can deliver quality pesticide solutions today and we will continue to provide them to satisfy the needs of our market.
In the past, Pyrethrum extract was entirely for export with little direct benefit for the local market. Worse still, the farmers that grew this natural product would use synthetic pesticides to protect their flowers. We saw a need that had to be fulfilled and AgroPy now takes that natural extract and refines it into numerous natural and eco-friendly products which are used in Rwanda and the region. Our intervention creates a sustainable ecosystem for farmers and consumers and contributes to the national economy significantly.

Company History

AgroPy Ltd (Formerly Agropharm Africa Ltd) was established in 2011 in Musanze, Northern Province, Rwanda.  AgroPy Ltd benefits from having refined top quality Pyrethrum Pale Extract locally available from Horizon Group’s subsidiary SOPYRWA. AgroPy’s modern manufacturing facilities produce both liquid and powder products which have a key part to play in Integrated Pest Management IPM and organic programmes. Such products allow farmers to supply clean food produce which leads to a healthier population. AgroPy also supplies consumer and public health pesticides for the control of flies, mosquitos and crawling insect pests.


Since 2012, AgroPy Ltd has received attestation by ECOCERT under European Union regulations EC No. 834/2007 & 889/2008 for Pyrethrum 5EW. This product is of huge benefit to coffee farmers in the control of the Antestia Beetle. Organic insecticides allow farmers to benefit from the opportunity to supply organic produce at premium prices.


AgroPy has the objective of providing pest control products that meet customer needs in the agriculture, horticulture and public health sectors. The focus is on eco-friendly products designed for powerful pest control with minimum impact on the environment. Organic pesticides benefit farmers financially because premium prices are paid for organic produce.

Who We Are

AgroPy Ltd. (formerly Agropharm Africa Limited) is a value protection company formed as a joint venture between Horizon Group and British investors. Based in Musanze District Northern Province, we are a pioneer in the manufacture of natural eco-friendly, liquid and powder pesticides in Rwanda. We are a forward thinking group of motivated people who manufacture products for use in the agricultural, horticultural, veterinary and public health pest control sectors. Our products are drawn from the highest quality Pyrethrum flowers grown through our network of over 37,000 empowered farmers from Musanze, Nyabihu, Rubavu, and Burera.


In addition to the manufacture of these products, we also have a service arm that offers fumigation, training and monitoring services called Py-Service.


We are a market centric business that creates products that fit into the needs of our consumers. Therefore, as the needs of our consumers evolve, we evolve our products and services to ensure that we remain relevant to the people we serve.

AgroPy seeks to develop partnerships with its customers through the provision of technical advice on the most cost effective spraying techniques and guidance on Integrated Pest Management IPM. Local manufacture creates employment, saves valuable foreign exchange and offers a highly flexible customer service. It also allows the development of product formulations tailored to local demand.

Agriculture Professional Leaders

Company Values

  • Respect for Health, Safety, and the Environment

  • Consistent quality and Reliability

  • Innovation and Agility

  • Discipline and Customer intimacy

get to know about us

AgroPy’s Quality Policy

We are committed to:

-Developing and providing safe and effective pyrethrum based products and nature leveraged insecticide and fungicide products and services that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.
- Undertaking research and development for improved efficacy of Agropy Ltd products.
- Continually improving technology, people skills, processes and systems

Agropy Ltd will effectively implement its Quality Management Systems and remain compliant to International Standard ISO 9001:2015